HDSi designing a new community for DR Horton in Groveland; August 21, 2021

HDSi has been working on a new community for DRH since October in Groveland.  The 1,500 acre property is entitled into two different forms of community; Village and hamlet.  Each has a Form based Code to set development standards.  The Village is more dense than the Hamlet but each require a pedestrian community orientation.  For the Village, the land is low and flat with some mature tree stands.  HDSi used this natural condition to create a community of linked neighborhoods by street and trails as well a Village core with commercial, apartments, town homes and bungalows.  For the Hamlet, the Code requires significant open space for the rolling land.  HDSi created two neighborhoods separated by lowland in a classic grid arrangement.  The Village will be submitted for first review in September.